This playlist has been sitting here a long time. It should go out and play. If the title doesn’t seem fitting it’s because I’m lazy + who cares.

That Handsome Devil

Certainly among the more interesting of groups I’ve come across recently. The first five on the list are remakes of the songs from Walt Disneys – The Jungle Book. Sounds kinda fuckin dumb right?

Sounds can be so deceiving. They are like shapeshifters or ninja’s on their best days 🙂

Put something I probably loved long ago but couldn’t give two shits about now in a whole new world.

Fuck no I couldn’t resist a disney cliche in here somewhere. I hope it was good for you cause it was the best part of this post for me.

Vast Aire and Vordul Mega are Cannibal OX.

For the longest time I thought of Vast Aire as someone who has done more sick cameo’s than your mom. Ok maybe not. And I didn’t mean what I said about your slutty moms. I’m sorry. But Vast Aire is on everybody’s shit. I’m not sure we could be friends, if we did not, at the very least, agree on that.

Any Mc that has ever featured a verse from this dude was in grave danger of being shown up on their own shit.

For the longest time I didn’t even know about Cannibal Ox. I had it in my head that Vast Aire had no album of his own what so ever. That he was some kinda super secret weapon of an MC that other Mc’s called upon when failure was not acceptable under any circumstances. Pure dope was the only option and this dude was the cream of the crop in the navy seals of rappers.

I’m not saying he is the greatest ever so don’t get all, “This dude doesn’t know shit about shit” on me. There are more goats in the garden of rap than I will ever know. I don’t go in for G.O.A.T. debates. Not in the sense that you see kids squabbling about it on the internet’s deepest message boards and forums of rap that is.

Anyhow this list has A-List Mc’s that hipsters dig spilling out of its guts like William Wallace. Enjoy.