Darc Mind’s “Symptomatic of a Greater Ill” is major for me. This album came not long into my appreciation of other than mainstream music and was critical in keeping my taste nice and broad.

The duo consists of Kev-Roc and Producer X-Ray. Kev-Roc has always reminded me of  Chali-2na of former Jurassic Five fame. It’s probably obvious why, no?

Anyhow today on my bandcamp release feed along comes this gem your pick of Cd or Vinyl. I did a little hunting around and found it available with an autographed poster and a sticker on X-Rays homepage.


Hump Jones Interview

About a year ago, on my now very dead ex blog, I didn’t post an expose I had been picking at half-assedly for a number of months. The subject of which was none other than hip hops prince of pseudonyms. Justin Boland aka humpasuar Jones aka Wombaticus Rex aka Seventhirty aka Dj Multiple Sex Partners and likely numerous other super secret pseudonyms.

The founder of World Around Records would be no modest accomplishment on it’s own. Justin is a machine though. An internet content creation machine of the higghest order possible below computers themselves. Gasp!! Yes just a smidgen lesser than deep blue!!  Wishtank.org which seems to be defunct I notice. That sucks you missed out it was tits. Skilluminati.com. rigorousintuition.ca. brainsturbator.tumblr.com. I’m just getting warmed up here. journal.borderlands.com. technoccult.net and algorhythmic.blogspot.com is the shortlist. 

Now it’s very possible that my half ass nature has led me to incorrectly attribute one of these fine sites to mr Boland but rest assured that just as with his pseudonym fetish he likely has other super secret sites I have overlooked to make up for the loss of admiration suffered due to my mistake. That’s enough stroking of the hump for now. I will leave you with this declaration… If ever a day comes, let it not be too distant in the future, that we as human beings gain the ability to absorb each others brainpower simply by ingesting human brains I would scalp this fucker so fast it would make both his and my head spin.  And now our feature presentation the dopest genius rapper you will ever hear. Minus the rapping for now.   

I’ll toss on one of my favorite tracks of humps with one of my favorite producers of the modern age. None other than the not nearly as rich as he should be (guessing) IV the Polymath.