March Mix 02


Im So Busy Music Seems To Be On It’s Death Bed For Me

In the past, I’ve occasionally felt brief pangs of fear, disgust, displeasure, derision,(and any other shitty feeling we feel like throwing on that.) at the notion of not always having the mental and physical capacity necessary in order to indulge myself a with constant stream of whatever the fuck I felt like listening too.
I am on the fucking computer more than ever before and yet I have barely made room for the thought of turning on my soundcloud let alone digging blogs or discogs etc. Both of my external hard drives got what was coming to them and died somewhat tragic deaths within the past ~6 months. They knew me pretty good they should a known better/stayed the fuck away from me. Sadly they were my slaves and I accidentally killed them both along with the content of their beautiful magnetic brains. Tragic but I try not to think about it as a loss as that would require me to accept my loss of life. That which I spent helping them to memorize and organize all the things they knew. And so they are not dead or completely fuckin screwed. They are just over there. Resting in my closet-ish area. Just chillin. Rotting in a pile of other miscellaneous electronics. ~10 more just like them in every way except those ten are filled with garbage/who knows what/were probably retarded. So my babies are not dead or lonely they are just chillin. Fucked. In my closet. Until a ghost/magic/god/data recovery specialist decides to breathe life back into them once more.

Ok I’ve written for ~10 minutes now and this doesn’t even come close to beginning to go towards what I initially was going to write about. I think from an objective point of view i would say what a shame it is that i must go because of how much fun this is. And all the things I have wanted to write about lately which I didn’t even put a nick in. Except I got shit to do now. Dumb shit. Psuedo grown-up/quasi responsible bullshit that I am obsessively addicted to also (shocker).

I am building wordpress sites/helping to manage the various hosting solutions etc. Etc being the 20 other types of things people use to interface this thing with that other thing and themselves and each other. Anyhow i am choosing to dedicate more of what time I manage to spend writing on other platforms. Check me out on in a day or two for sure to get slightly more informative musings on my doings of late. And I’ll be writing some slightly more technically oriented things in a few shady nerd hovels round the way.

But this fucking site is about music bitch. So stfu and listen. It’s doesn’t matter what is bothering me or just taking too much of my thoughts. The bitch slap dead truth simplicity of These two songs makes everything ok somehow and I can laugh and enjoy anything again.
86 Measures of Game Necro
Necro – 12 King Pimp Commandments

It’s important to be reminded occasionally that yes everything really is just this simple.

bah links wtf. I have to do everything myself.

there thats better. dumbass ill migrate everything to self hosted soon. I think to myself for the billionth time now.