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Chaddio Silvers Picks

Ok I told Chaddio “Listen here guy, your not a real dj and i’m not a big fan of mormons or pedophiles. Keep it to 8 tracks or we are gonna go over our electricity ration and you ain’t gettin paid” So I present to you 10 things Chaddio mumbled during.

 I would have cut some but it’s all fuckin garbage as you must of heard and I couldn’t pick. Lemme run down this list in a feeble participation ribbon manner for yas.

#1 First off Le Melodist production that caused this little blurb here. All these tracks are together here today thanks to this one.

#2 Virtuoso primarily of Jedi Mind Tricks fame unless I’m 10JQKA-ÇΘΘΚΣÐ. Came across World War One via Tuckdragon’s old blog. Overkill to add Deltron3030 which is Del the Funky homosapien, Dan The Automator and Kid Koala. Vast Aire who’s existence allows me to use the phrase “cameo artist” with every graciousness intended when I say it. Always makes me think of Pigeon John and Breeze Evaflowin due too some track in the back of my mind I’ll try to remember to dig up sometime soon.

#3 K-Def and DaCapo follow with a lo-fi-feeling favorite of mine from this playlist. Unfamiliar with DaCapo. K-def on the other hand is hella def-k? Check out Night Shift for a solo beattape and Easy Way Out‘s 3 golden tracks with Mc Raw Poetic from Panacea

#4 Elliot Niezel is a super secret. Don’t look at him. I didn’t show you this.

#5 Rob 51/50 is a dude that doesn’t suck with a good ear for a beat to mash and spit on. I probably found this awhile ago and didn’t listen to properly till this morn.

#6 Cold Legistics with a very nice minute sample loop.

#7 Is my dance gene’s allowance that i wish it would spend already. Songs like this I end up driving me nuts. They stand out in my mind from the 120k hip hop tracks relative to maybe 2-3 of these new fangled brodubtrilltrapstep  whatnot. [Cut] {I overplayed this with myself}

#8 Mike Gao serves up something with an awesome little robot sounding voice saying “bachicabowowm: Reminds me of something from Onra Long Distance.

#9 Poetic Death Followers of mine of any sort are likely to see/hear much more of this dude. Top 5 on my blowin up in my head and probably in real life too list.

#10 Ill Bill and UG  Ill Bill is PGOAT of a certain undefinable style he embodies as my ears see it. Got in the stream cause i hadn’t checked up on Creative Juices in a few months and this track has something to do with them I believe. They are one of my favorite clicks. Dj Connect has better taste than your grandma’s cookies. IDE, Alucard, Jise, I Am Many. Jak Progresso. Just to rattle off  the one’s I like too much to avoid mentioning.

Yakkity Yak  I’ll be, Don’t talk Back

My Iphone that is an apple can spell homogeneously but WORDPRESS cannot spell fuckin. Goddamn kids are stupid these days.


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