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What’s Good?

*cursing edited out for posterity cuz thats the horrorcore way*

Feeling especially myself this evening.

I tend to seek out conscious uplifting smarty pants bullshit publicly.

My taste however is as crooked as the US dollar and more fucked up than the dollars big picture impact.

If I don’t focus on exploring happy dappy bullshit all the time

I will listen to J’nyce’s vaults of horror on repeat 24/7 until I am dead with the exception of sunday.

Which is the day some fuck created Necro And Ill Bill, Blunted Sultan, Al’Tarba, Poetic Death and The Society of Invisibles.

And so in honor of the fuck that made us J’nyce gets to chill sundays while I fondle my dark sludge and horror tags in mediamonkey.

Must feed the darkness sometimes and when it’s dinner time fuck consciousness for as long as possible.


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