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Cor Stidak x Keor Meteor!! Widespread Irregularity March 20th

I was on this drops nuts before it’s pants dropped somehow. However i’m a putz and so now that I notice many of the heavies of the blog world are in the know on this french production cobra combo of a release….Well I’m getting my shit together to throw in my two cents. So with no further ado I give you my humble opinion and a promo track followed by a brief half on half off editorial by none other than me. Track first.

Now in my opinion this shit is fucking ill. On to the ramble.

The critical tasty listen of something foreign for me was via the bandcamp page of Anatol Atonal. I stumbled on his crude looking spattering of releases without  blinking at first. A blink I could and would of easily forever forgone had it not been for my secret inner brain tickle spot. A spot that giggles when I am in position to make someone listen to whatever is recently odd or possibly terrible in my aural quadrant. So I forced myself and Anatols Horrorspiele 3 on someone forgettable and poof! Ever since I sat through those 5 tracks for 80ish minutes. The whole time fighting the urge to love it luxuriously with “This is music right?” The answer is um sure definitely yeah. I know that sounds a little on the fence and it is. Was it totally fuckin sweet whichever side of the fence? Well of course. I just wrote a whole fucking paragraph about it. Do you write that much about things that suck? Fuck no, me either.

So Anatol Atonal it turned out heads up a label called Shalom Salon which goes hand in hand with the blog RapOhneLizenz. Most notable probably for their ROL Beat Tapes and the Beast of the Leak series. I scoured the salon and the blog till I could scour no deeper without wounding a DJ or something. What did I find? A menagerie of extremely eclectic foreigners who make inexplicably enjoyable music of a fairly broad hip hop flavored persuasion. Highly recommended.

Cor and Keor have absolutely nothing to do with any of this as far as I know. Regardless without Anatol’s bandcamp page that looks like a 3rd grader drew it with a crayon none of this would be here right now in the pixels of your monitor and your googly optics.

This is where you can get the Keor and Cor drop on the 20th

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