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Project Mooncircle

This is one of the élite production oriented labels in the game now as I see it. Beginning in 2004 with a very random looking compilation that includes an early track from CYNE called Catharsis. Project Mooncircle enters the hierarchy of labels as a prince and  heads right for the throne.

CYNE is one of the most thoughtful and audially pleasing groups since the heyday of The Roots. So under exposed and appreciated. I would blame voodoo magic, Satan or the Illuminati for their obscurity if I believed in monsters.

Project Mooncircle has managed to gather up a roster that garners the same respect as Brainfeeder, Planet Mu, Om Lounge, Warp, Ninja Tune, Ghostly International, Mad Decent, Mo Wax, Mush Records, Plug Research and other labels of exceptionally high caliber taste in artists.

This is one to watch closely now because they are killin it consistently with a nonstop barrage of  oozing aural sex. With a persistent spattering of teaser leaks to keep you salivating over who’s on deck. They release mainly via bandcamp which i love because vinyl is thriving there. You have digital downloads available in various formats. As well of course, cds digipaks etc in many cases. Enough playing with words. Lets hear what’s on deck for Project Mooncircle artists playing with sounds.

Also going to put up a couple of tracks from the 12″ Faces Series. Every drop in the series has been cream of the crop so do hear these.


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