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Copyrights: Notices vs Notifications

The tenor of the two forms is roughly equal. Soundcloud sends you a sprightly “notification” as opposed to Youtubes grizzled “notice”. Here’s what’s on my mind…

Two years ago I uploaded to youtube the following two videos and there they be yet un-molested. I would expect no different. My having done so could only serve the welfare of both label and artist. (opposing points to this thought appreciated) I take the same two tracks from this almost too good to be real album and put them on Soundcloud…. Flagged and downed within ten minutes. Very impressive.

I must know why these two live and its sayonara for my brand new beautiful baby Soundcloud sounds that I kidnapped from Sony BMG. Somehow they must have known I was intending to chattel and turn them over to sex slave traders via Soundcloud. Pretty sure both songs are at least 16 or will be within a few years. So I just don’t see the problem with showing the wares around town a little before these little biscuits are too buttered to bake. Oh they are 9? That’s borderline but keep in mind the maturity level of these 9 yr olds.

Now don’t get the wrong idea cause I don’t really give a crap if I can toot on the horn of Dj Krush via Youtube but not Soundcloud. I’m really just curious if we may discern a little  why, how and why not concerning copyright enforcement practices of the respective sites. I’m no auditor. Not looking for an exploit or a loophole. I simply think  deep to the point of excess about dumb ass shit I wonder. Not to mention  my sky-high time preference. Not just high. Fucking blind side blazing. So here we go.

Currently exploring ways to integrate publicly editable mind maps into my pages to play with questions visually without extra software or hyperlinks. Likely never to return to this specific thought. If i get that figured out it served a worthy purpose and dies with honor.


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